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December 14, 2013
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FaLLEN Ch.5 Page 2-3 by OgawaBurukku FaLLEN Ch.5 Page 2-3 by OgawaBurukku
Rated TEEN+ by OgawaBurukkuThis manga reads from Left to Right by syo-senpai

I am trying something I have never seen before in a manga... I tried giving the black-haired girl dimples. I can see why it isn't usually done... it can very easily make your character look old. Do you guys think they look cute or old? If people think it's cute I'll add it to the third chapter when she first appears. 

I realized dimples would be suitable for this character when I was watching a show I like that happened to featured Momoiro Clover Z... who I really didn't like but after seeing them on this show I think they are a lot more tolerable than some of the other idol groups (particularly the ones that have three letters and a number for a group name). Maybe because I can count the number of members on one hand. Anyway, almost all the girls had dimples, and they talked about it, and I thought "Yeah, that character of mine would have dimples." I think it heightens the "cute and ditzy" look in a sort of positive way. Somehow. 

So yeah, their headquarters is an old school. I totally used photo references for the school, and I even kept the date it was established just to emphasize this is an old school and not meant to be set up the way modern schools are. See, I used to go to SCAD in Savannah, GA and one of the buildings I had a lot of foundations classes in (Alexander Hall... maybe?) was an old elementary school. But it was amazing, and it was so tiny it only had a few classrooms in it. I think I'd always wanted my girls to live at a school, but after SCAD I had it in my mind that it had to be a school like this. I just hope I don't have to draw many external shots because I was an idiot and made the windows arched when rectangular windows would be so much easier to draw (I totally flubbed these, I know). 

FaLLEN Ch.5 Page 1 by OgawaBurukku

FaLLEN Ch.5 Page 4-5 by OgawaBurukku

Confused? Didn't read the first four chapters?





FaLLEN © me

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new favorite character
OgawaBurukku Jan 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Haha, she's pretty fun XD I need to post the next set of pages, ugh. I hate falling behind.
Wooooow... She's extremely bubbly and adorable ain't she?
OgawaBurukku Dec 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh yes, she's a glass-is-half-full type and always finds herself something to keep busy with!
My elementary/jr-high school was established in 1917, and it was very old. It looked in great shape because the ceramic they used was a unique mix apparently? Basically it meant that, barring a horrible earthquake or tsunami, the building was going to stand for a long time. And yes, it had small classrooms! :D

They had to divide some of the larger ones on the second and third floors the last few years I attended, because the influx of new students was increasing. That made me sad because then everything felt a bit claustrophobic XD

The dimples, hmm. If it's just like 'ding' one dot of ink then yeah, it'll make *spoiler* look cuter (not that she wasn't before <3). But I can also see why it could make her look older too. It's a fine line of balancing.
OgawaBurukku Dec 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
I didn't want to completely redo her design, just add something that only showed up when she's smiling big. So most art of her I've done is still valid, heh.

Old schools are beautiful! My school systems all had the ugliest, most mundane designs. Absolutely no personality to them, and many classrooms didn't even have windows.
Ugghh, that sounds like my high school. You could even feel it in the atmosphere, it was all just blah. Some of the classrooms had windows but only if you were on the second floor. And even then very little, because almost everything was surrounded by more buildings or nothing. v_v My ele./jr-high had such gorgeous views of the surrounding areas, and from one entire side of the building you had a huge view of the ocean that was next to it! (not much from the first floor, but you could still see something) Around March we were always excited because that's when you could see either dolphins or whales jumping in the ocean! ;___; I missed that when I was in high school...ironically the only parts that were pretty were a hallway with flowers and a illustration of the school's patron virgin on the side, and the small chapel XD

You went to SCAD? I have a cousin who went there.


Anyway back to the comic. I think the dimples were a nice touch but then again I always liked :censored: even though her name's already in your gallery.

OgawaBurukku Dec 16, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yeah, but I quite before my second year was over. Not a great town to live in, even though it was gorgeous.

I think I'll be keeping the dimples afterall. Thanks :)
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