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FaLLEN Guest Art

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Fan art, gift art, contest subs, and commissioned art I have received for my series FaLLEN and others! Check out the artists, they have some amazing artwork!

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2015 Con Schedule in US and Japan!

Sun Jun 21, 2015, 12:18 PM
Hey guys! If you were wondering where new pages of FaLLEN are, well, I have six unfinished pages on my desk right now. I have been scrambling to get everything together (Kickstarter books sent, Dakimakura made, Artwork finished, Pages worked on, Bags packed) and I'm beat. But I think it will all be worth it because in a week I will be getting ready to board a plane and fly to the US for my mini book tour! Yup, I'll be in five different states at five different cons, and not only will I be selling FaLLEN merchandise, I'll be selling prints and running panels and workshops! And as soon as all that's done, I'm flying my butt back and then two weeks later going to Tokyo to do Comic Market-- first time to sell FaLLEN at the biggest comic event in Japan! I'm pretty pumped!

First of all, for those of you just wanting to know about FaLLEN's schedule... I'm going to have to switch to a single-page update until I get back. If you are on my Patreon you'll be able to see all the finished pages at once, but I wasn't able to get a proper buffer going so I'm temporarily doing a single-page update schedule, starting this week.

Okay... now for the con schedule!!


1. Anime Midwest in Chicago, IL

Dates: July 3 - 5 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Where: Hyatt Regency O'Hare & Convention Center

I believe this is the second largest anime convention in Illinois (next to Anime Central of course) and is the big summer con in the area. I asked staff for my table number but they said they won't have any of that pinpointed until the con because they apparently do not make maps of their artist alley. I will be selling books, prints, postcards, charms, posters, stickers, and probably not have a big display setup because I will have just stepped off an airplane and not have my banners ready yet. I will have my table cloth, though!

Panels: None

Sketchbooks: Yes, but only sketches and only for people who purchase a certain amount of FaLLEN goods

Fun fact: I did some official artwork for the con ;D See if you guys recognize it-- I'll post it here once the con is over.

2. Anime Festival of Wichita in Wichita, KS

Dates: July 10 - 12 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Where: Hyatt Regency Wichita

I am actually a special guest at this convention, so I will be doing more than just selling artwork. I'm not sure yet if I will be in the vendor's area or the AA, but I will probably have a few more posters and such up.

Panels: I will be doing a panel on Women In Shounen Manga (authors/artists, not characters) and I will also be in a group Q&A session with the V/A talent.

3. Tokyo In Tulsa in Tulsa, OK

Dates: July 17-19 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Where: Cox Business Center

My hometown of sorts. I was a guest in 2012, but I was a terrible guest that year because I hadn't gotten any sleep, I had NO IDEA what US cons expected from artists, and I foolishly decided to shuttle back and forth between my parents' home and the con, which added to my lack of sleep. I met so many cool people and I felt really bad that I couldn't hang around and get to know the staff better. Well, I'm doing things differently this year. I'm way better prepared this year and I'm staying at the hotel nearby so I can stay longer and get to know everyone better. I should also have my fancy banner in by this time to help my visibility (banner will probably feature Maris and Vesta, just FYI). I think this year is gonna go really well because I'm not as stupid as I was in 2012, haha.

Panels : Since I am a guest, I will be doing a few panels. I haven't gotten my schedule back yet, but I know for sure I am doing a massive 3-hour workshop on making manga, characters, and making good stories (and you can sign up for it here). I know because I have ordered art supplies and am shipping it to the US so people can actually use Japanese manga tools to make pages at the workshop with me. I just sent the workshop outline to TnT staff, and I think it's gonna be really fun. Definitely sign up for this if you 1. don't hate me and 2. want to get to try using the same tools the pros use and 3. want to hear me yammer on for hours on end. You might try contacting the con about participation since I think the number of available spots are limited. 

I am also doing the guest dinner (I think it's called the Sakura Dinner) and you have to pay extra for that, but you get to eat dinner with the guests and that's a fun experience. In 2012 I was asked if I used toilet paper in Japan. I think I thought she was asking if I personally use toilet paper and I was just like "Um, yeah, I wasn't raised in a barn you know" but she was asking because Japanese toilets wash your ass for you and wanted to know if that was true or not. Oh, awkward misunderstandings, ho ho ho. 

Fun Fact: I did some artwork for this convention, too. It's hiding somewhere on their page, can you find it?

4. AnimeIowa in Coralville, IA

Dates: July 24-26 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Where: Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

The only state I've never been to in this bunch! Here I am also a guest and I actually have my full schedule for this con! I am really looking forward to this con. The staff have been super nice and I am excited to go to a new state, haha. There's also a karaoke contest, and if guests are allowed to enter, I am so entering it! Also, Nabeshin, aka the director of the anime Excel Saga is going to be a guest! I wanted to make some Excel Saga artwork but that's not going to happen, haha. No time, no time.

Panels: I will be doing a panel-ized version of a blog entry I did called "Bakuman: How Real Is It?" where for an hour I talk about the manga Bakuman and how their experiences relate to mine, what's different, etc. It's relevant again because did you guys know there is a live-action Bakuman movie coming out? This panel will be from 9 - 10 am on Saturday.

5. San Japan in San Antonio, TX

Dates: July 31- August 2 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Where: HBG Convention Center

Table: B6

My last US stop... thankfully, I am not a guest at this con (this is the only con I have no connection with at all) and will only have to man my table and say hi to a man I've been friends with online for over fifteen years! I'm really excited to meet :iconfeeves: at long last at the convention! This man is awesome. He draws adorable sharks and he is actually the man who made the FaLLEN logo for me. He took my crappy Landsbury-fonted logo and made it all professional looking, because he is awesome. He is actually selling some Nintendo artwork somewhere, though I don't think he has a table. Auction, was it? Anyway, yay. I like Texas, and I'll actually be down there for a week since I have relatives in Houston. Maybe I'll go to Six Flags :p

Panels: None! Just AA :D

6. Comic Market 88 in Tokyo, JAPAN

Dates: August 16 (Sun)

Where: Big Sight Convention Center

Table: 西地区 (west halls) "え" 38a

Only recently confirmed, I now know I have a coveted table at Comiket. This will be my second time selling and my third time going, but my first time selling FaLLEN. I'm pretty nervous. I'm going to be going by bus so I will be shocked if I manage to look presentable, haha. 12 hour bus ride there and then back. Hoo-boy. I will not have any new chapters of FaLLEN available, but I will have FaLLEN Volume 1 in both English AND Japanese, Chapter 8 in Japanese, and along with the usual goods I will have the Lamia dakimakura for sale here. I think I'll have an assistant with me but I am not expecting stellar sales, haha. Once Comiket is done, I'm going straight to Shinjuku to board a bus and I probably won't do a convention again until November.

What I Will Be Selling and How To Find Me

Since I don't have table info for any of the US cons, I might be hard to find. My table with have this tablecloth on it:

Pretty bodacious, ISN'T IT!? It's lightweight and can fold to a size that fits into my pocket, yay.

I will also have a big banner after the Tulsa con, and I'll post a photo of that once I get it delivered. 

Okay, so, PRINTS. This is what I will have available as A4-sized prints:

Take My Revolution by OgawaBurukkuSlayers FALL - Arma Inverse and Lamia the Serpent by OgawaBurukkuMari Illustrious Makinami by OgawaBurukkuQueen's Blade - Menace Bust by OgawaBurukkuBakuretsu Hunter - Leather And Lace by OgawaBurukkuWaltz In Wonderland by OgawaBurukkuLuffy and Natsu by OgawaBurukkuSailor Stars - Cat And Mouse by OgawaBurukkuPretty Guardian Sailor Moon by OgawaBurukkuTeenage Mutant Ninja Pokemon by OgawaBurukkuSoulCalibur V - Talim vs Tira by OgawaBurukkuK-ON: Mugi by OgawaBurukkuYuru Yuri Sailor Moon Cosplay by OgawaBurukkuRanma vs Inuyasha by OgawaBurukku

Obviously, some of those are REALLY old... The Utena print is obviously new, and I think two are from last year, the rest are from 2012 and earlier, I think. 14 prints in all for the A4 size (8.27×11.69 in)

I will also have postcards of the following:

FaLLEN Volume 1 Graphic Novel Cover Art by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 1 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 2 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 3 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 4 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 5 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 6 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukkuFaLLEN Chapter 7 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukku

Here Come The Boys In Black by OgawaBurukkuBoniface - Man Of War by OgawaBurukkuTea Party by OgawaBurukku

And I might have some other postcards and stickers with some sorta spoilery stuff on it :D All kind of old, haha.

Posters available:

FaLLEN Volume 1 Graphic Novel Cover Art by OgawaBurukku FaLLEN - Whimsical Waitress Pretty Showdown by OgawaBurukku

Some photos of items for sale:

These items are brand new; clear bookmarks featuring Arma and Lamia. They are like tiny cels :D

FaLLEN Goods for Kickstarter-- Final 60 Hours! by OgawaBurukku

I don't think I will have phone cases for sale with me, and Arma and Lamia charms are out of stock, but this will give you an idea of what they all look like.

Prints fresh from a box! Wow.


If you are going to any of the cons I'm going to and want to find out where I'm hiding, the only thing I am going to really update regularly is Twitter. You can follow me @ FaLLEN_comic and I will give updates and probably post a ton of photos of sketches or whatnot. If you request a sketch from me, it will go up on Twitter! >:D Best way to get my table info and panel info is Twitter.

As I am going to be away from my work desk, I will not have access to a scanner, my tools, etc. So other than the pages I finish this week, I won't be working on pages at all in July. I will still post, one page per week, but if you are on my Patreon you can have access to all the pages before they go up.

So what am I going to do if I am not going to draw pages? Well, I am doing a comic journal. Every day I will complete one journal page, which will be an illustration or a summary of the day or a funny event in comic form. I will post every day, or every other day if I am busy, but will have pages for the entire time I am in the US. I am also going to dig through old crap and find early FaLLEN artwork and comics. I am going to be active on Patreon as well and posting a ton of stuff there. Most of the postings will go to the $5 tier, just so you guys know.

Top-patheader by OgawaBurukku

.:Bullet:. Patreon CLICK FOR LINK TO PATREON .:Bullet:. Patreon 

I've been posting character blogs, WIPS of artwork, comic pages, whatever, and I post finished comic pages up here before I post them on dA or the website. I also like to engage in silly chitchat ;D

FaLLEN Volume 1 Dust Jacket Cover Artwork by OgawaBurukku

You can purchase a copy of the book at my online shop on Storenvy directly through this link, or from the banner below.…

Top-seheader by OgawaBurukku

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Check out my webcomic/webmanga FaLLEN! I work so hard on it ;_;


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