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FaLLEN Guest Art

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Fan art, gift art, contest subs, and commissioned art I have received for my series FaLLEN and others! Check out the artists, they have some amazing artwork!


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(copy/pasted from my Inkblazers blog I made last night...)

Well, about thirty seconds ago I finished watching the first episode of the new Sailor Moon anime on NicoNico Douga while a frittata bakes in the oven and my husband made cracks behind me. It's a weird experience to be able to watch Sailor Moon during its original broadcasting time...


Obviously, Sailor Moon is hugely influential to me and most people who enjoy the magical girl genre. It introduced the team aspect to magical girls and the original anime had the best magical transformation sequences, hands down. So how does the reboot hold up?


It... well, it held up, actually. I honestly had the lowest of low expectations ever since they announced Momoiro Clover Z would be doing the theme songs (so, you know, since the day they announced it). From then on it was one dumb thing after another... the Tribute Album was released and was utter garbage, the staff was announced and I was not impressed, delays delays delays, they announced the show would not even premiere on TV... what a mess. They revealed the character designs and artwork on the website, which all pointed to the manga as the main inspiration and not the old anime, and my hopes had officially sunk. The final blow was hearing the transformation sequences were done in CG... so I even considered not watching this. But then I popped dinner in the oven with forty minutes to go, and it just happened to be 7 pm. So I watched. And it held up.



I'm really glad they kept Usagi's original seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi. She brought such humor to the show with her performance, and it's nice to see some things never change. The opening sequence with the planets was nice, too. The animation, in places, was actually a lot better than I had anticipated, especially since I don't think this version is planning on recycling much of its footage. The opening sequence wasn't bad (not the song...) and though I initially hated the idea that the series would be based on the manga, it does make me feel like this series will sort of be something new. I just read the manga again this year when it was re-released and the first episode was almost exactly the way it is in the manga. It's going to be interesting to see how some things happen, and if the series makes it past this season it will be REALLY interesting to watch the R season animated, since that part of the manga is the only part of the manga I feel may actually be superior to the anime. (After R the manga really goes downhill for me, but the first two arcs aren't bad).

Another good is Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask, or "Hentai Oyaji" as my husband calls him. The opening shows him with glasses like in the manga (yay!) and though his original seiyuu didn't make it to this version, uh... I gotta say, I'm happy for that. The original female seiyuu for the show were fantastic, but the men in the first few seasons sounded TERRIBLE in Sailor Moon. So I like the new Mamoru's seiyuu, and I think he and Jedite actually look pretty good in this art style.



I complimented Usagi's voice, but her seiyuu does not go with Usagi's new design. The art director seemed to think Usagi needed to be beautiful in every shot, so while the original Usagi (in both manga and anime) was constantly making goofy faces and spazzing out, there was little to no goofy reactions from meatball head in this version. She was gorgeous in every single frame. The original anime was very good about only drawing Usagi really beautiful when she was in her princess outfit, or in some cases her uniform, usually near the end of a season when she was being benevolent and badass at the same time. But here her lips are always glossy and her eyes always doe-like, her hair always waving in the wind, etc. AND SHE'S SO THINNNNN. But whatever, it's trying to be like the manga... I actually wish they had used her original manga design with the mask and all that, since that is one of my favorite parts of the first manga arc. Her costume was really neat before Takeuchi went in and splashed red all over her. So the animation style is definitely not something I like for Usagi. I think it will look better on the girls, and it actually wasn't so bad for the guys as previously mentioned.

I do not hate the opening theme song "Moon Pride", or even the ending, but goddamn I hate Momoiro Clover Z. I think there is one of them who can actually sing okay, but the other four are awful, particularly the main girl (the Ebi Jump girl, I forget her name... the ugly one with super dimples and snaggleteeth). Guh. GUH. I thought the opening song would have been better if someone else was singing, maybe a singer and not an idol... because idols are not singers. Did you know in the initial stage of auditions for idol groups they don't even ask for a voice sample? So no, not singers. Needless to say, I won't be buying the single for this, haha. But the fact that I'm not putting them in the UGLY section is actually pretty impressive. If I zone out I can kind of stand the opening, I think.

Didn't like Luna's voice... she doesn't sound as cute. She just sounds like a normal teenage girl to me... but she's a mentor cat. I don't want her to be cutesy, and I'm glad she's not, but I adore her original seiyuu Keiko Han. I can't say how I feel about the other girls because they haven't been introduced yet, but we shall see. Expectations set to LOW.



NicoNico Douga really really wants you to be a Premium member. I am not a Premium member; I have used the site a total of three times in my life, so I'm not going to pay to use this site. That said, the non-paying version of the show was... awful. Low quality, the video stopped several times, the audio was missing from several scenes (never got to hear Shingo's voice) and anytime the animation looked kind of good the screen would pixelate. I knew this would happen when people from all over the world are tuning in at the exact same time, so this is why I wish the show would be on TV... HOWEVER, I currently do not have TV accessible, so maybe it's a blessing for me that they chose to debut the series on NicoNico. It certainly gives fans an incentive to buy the Blu-rays, anyway... which I probably will because ALL THOSE GOODIES.

Finally, the part I was most upset about was the CG animation for the transformation sequence and part of the opening (if there was more I missed it thanks to the slow video connection). One of my favorite things from the original series were the amazing transformation cut scenes, which must have been a pain in the ass for animators but showcased some of the best animation on TV at the time. I don't know if I would have been so inclined to keep watching the show when I saw it in my early teens on American TV had it not been for those neat transformations and attacks. Now it's just a CG doll of Usagi, with her ugly CG hair not flowing, but clunkily hovering in the air above her. I got a real Pretty Rhythm vibe from those scenes. If an animation studio approached me and said "We want to make FaLLEN a TV series, but for scenes difficult to animate we want to use CG dolls... is that okay?" I would fire the director and take over as producer. Long live 2D animation!! (even though it's probably dead). I think the planets in the beginning were CG, but meh. What's strange is that the tiara action scene didn't seem to be in CG, and looked fine! Well, as fine as a pixelated monitor could look... I'll have to double check when I watch the series again on BD.


So yeah, a lot of negatives, but I'm actually going to make time to watch the second episode. That is really saying something. I can't really recommend the series to NEW fans, since you should just go and watch the original series instead, but to old fans it is kind of interesting. I didn't get that nostalgic feeling I expected to get. I did, however, think over and over that I would really like Sailor V to get her own origin story OVA at long last... But yes, I'll be buying the BD. The storyboard for the opening sequence is included as a bonus *drools* and the show wasn't nearly as bad as I had assumed it would be. That's not to say it's great, but I am curious to see where they will take this. So good for you, Sailor Moon Crystal.

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FaLLEN Art Contest Results!!

Sun Jun 8, 2014, 6:09 AM


Okay, wow... this was CRAZY tough. I used guest judges (as I do every year) but this was the first time the votes were completely split. I ended up choosing several runner-ups, though, and while there isn't a cash/art prize for runner-ups, I will be putting all runner-ups in the book as well. 

Just a reminder: the book isn't due until the end of summer, but the cash prizes will be awarded within a few days. 

Big thanks to my amazing guest judges for helping me out, and thanks to all the entrants! If you didn't place this time around, don't sweat it-- I'll be holding another contest when I print Vol. 2! 

Before I announce the entries and reveal my comments on the pieces, allow me to introduce my judges:

- Mary Bellamy :iconmarybellamy:
Mary is another female comic artist and juggles multiple indies comic titles for young girls with a hint of '80s cartoon flavor to her work. She regularly attends San Diego Comic Con, so if you want some family-friendly comics, check her out!

- Heidi Arnhold :iconheidiarnhold:
Heidi and I go way back to SCAD, where we met over ten years ago to study sequential art. She's been published by TokyoPop among others, and many of her published works have had something to do with Jim Henson XD Her most famous comic title is probably her work on the Dark Crystal comics put out by TokyoPop.

- Hyatt :iconflying-down:
Hyatt is the lead singer and face of the kickass metal band The Dead Lotus Society, and she's been a fan of FaLLEN since its days as a fledgling novel on Check out her awesome band (see them live if you live in Denver!) and stay tuned... there may be a few surprises from them in the not so distant future ;D

- Easy :iconeasycomics:
Easy is my good bud and fellow comic artist at, where her comic Bio-Revelation is a Featured comic. She's also done a lot of commercial graphic design work for companies like Hershey's and she's liked by EVERYONE. She has some sort of freaky magic like that...

- Derek :iconcybervideo:
Derek is my non-artist judge. He has known about FaLLEN since close to the very beginning and has watched it grow and change over the years. Sometimes he can catch something an artist misses ;D

Okay, now that everyone's introduced... LET'S ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS!!!

2014 Contest Winners:

1st Place:

The Guardians by samboyy

Congratulations to Sam Dela Torre from the Philippines on winning first place with his group image featuring an intense Arma, a hoppy Lamia, and a freaking ADORABLE Vox! Everyone was amazed by the coloring, and I really enjoyed Arma's fierce stance and the energy in Lamia's pose. And Vox... good lord, so cute XD I also like the manga flash effect in the back reminiscent of its source medium. Sam will win $30 (via Paypal or through DeviantART, in points or subs, ert), artwork by me of whatever he likes, and a free copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 which will feature this artwork in the Guest Gallery.

2nd Place:

CE: Lamia by JadedSihx

2nd Place goes to this image of Lamia surrounded by adorable kitties by JadedSihx from India! The colors, attention to small details like her notebook and bag, the overall atmosphere... THE KITTIESSSS :3 This just feels like such a complete image... and I love how her school uniform looks! I was too lazy to give her skirt those plaid lines but looking at this makes me think I should be less lazy XD JadedSihx will be getting $20 dollars (by Paypal or through dA Points, subs, etc), free art, and her artwork will be featured in FaLLEN Vol. 1!

3rd Place:

Munchkin and Her Secret Butterflies by kAngeLxD

3rd Place was a close call between this and another entry, but in the end this won 3rd because I loved how she looks beautiful and spooky at the same time, and the butterfly effect in her hair is gorgeous. I didn't even notice it the first time I saw this, since they work so well with her curls, but once I did notice them I thought "Man, I would have never thought of that... amazing!" So congrats to kAngeLxD from Germany for winning 3rd with her intriguing and true-to-character illustration of the munchkin girl! The prize for 3rd is $10 (via Paypal or dA methods), art by me, and this art will be printed in FaLLEN Vol. 1


Ogawa Burukku [FaLLEN Art Contest] by BlckFeatHeR

This image of Arma and Lamia was neck-and-neck with the 3rd place until the very end, so if a 4th place position existed, this would basically have gotten it. Everyone was really impressed with the medium (Vector / MS Paint!? Seriously!?) and the art style used for Arma especially was spot-on. This art will be featured in the guest gallery for FaLLEN vol 1!

A piece by a reader on featuring Arma and the ominous hands of the munchkin. I was blown away by the concept and this was another strong contender! In fact, I'm going to leave a comment by Guest Judge Hyatt because I agreed with it so much: "Having read the novel and the manga, this catches so many of the undertones and dynamics between Arma and "The Munchkin." It's that foreboding sense of horrors and having your freewill in question while you move forward."

ARMA by Yuushin7

Another piece featuring Arma by a longtime reader. Yuushin7 actually won the contest a few years back with an AMAZING picture that is, to this day, one of my all-time favorite pics I've received. I would share it here but it contains a major spoiler... though if you want to see it you don't have to click too far to find it. Arma looks fierce and the coloring is amazing, and I frickin' love the sky effects.

FaLLEN: Official Art Contest by KuroiChoucho

Arma looking peaceful on the lawn (but ready for action!) is a nice contrast to many of the other entries where she's a total badass. I LOVE the colors, omg... I wish I could color like this! Love that she's surrounded by green, love her expression!

Okay, I'm going to be honest. This was not one of the finalists... but I cracked up when I saw this. First of all, if you've seen my comic you know I like sexy girls, but I wasn't expecting any sexy shots of the munchkin getting entered into the contest! I don't know what it is about this, but it made me smile... maybe because when I was a little kid I dreamed of being a sexbomb someday, haha. And look at her face in the bottom right... love it XD So even though it wasn't a finalist, it somehow kind of captured my perverse heart and dammit it's my book and I'm putting it in as a runner-up XD XD XD

Congrats to the winners and to the runner-ups, you're all going to have your art in the back of FaLLEN Vol. 1! I'll be contacting you in a few days.

The Other Entries

While the remaining entries didn't make the finals, I wanted to leave comments on every entry because during the contest I was only able to leave comments like "thanks for your entry!" but here I want to leave my actual thoughts and encourage others to check them out!

Arma by aj1590

Great shot of Arma with a toothy grin and her wicked sword peeking in. The artist was concerned they didn't match my style, but they shouldn't worry about matching my style! I encourage  artists to enter with their own style :D

Lamia by Chocobosh

One of my RL buds :D I cracked up when I saw Lamia's ass peeking out, and Lamia dangling Vox like a cat with a mouse was just great. Chocobosh also draws comics and in fact has a website called Wanderlust-Japan ( ) where she uses comic strips (4koma manga) to showcase Japan's culture and sightseeing locales. Check it out if you have plans to come to Japan!

lamia for ogawa's drawing contest by carljohnson1231

I love the concept! Though she's not wearing her official uniform, I like the sparkles and the grayscale bordering the colored middle.

The FaLLen [Contest Entry] by moggy2007

Look at this action! There's just so much going on here-- lightning crashes, swords flying... so exciting!

Fallenpair by kitsunepixie

By a buddy from my livejournal days XD She realized Arma and Lamia have similar hair and roles as the infamous Dirty Pair from the old school anime. The two have gotten into their roles and costumes perfectly, but Vox is just looking like he's ready for them to put on their Guardian uniforms and get to work. I laughed so hard when I saw this XD

Armadillo by HeartandVoice Arma Guardian of War by HeartandVoice

I was lucky to get TWO amazing Arma pics from an avid reader! Two pics, two sides of the character, two mediums!
The b/w image was one judge's top choice, and I can see why-- the armadillo is such a cute nod to Arma's (unwanted) nickname XD And I love the screentones! The image on the right of Arma in full cover is such a 180 from the dillo pic-- so intense!!! Traditional colors with a nice warm glow, but the best part? Look. At. Those. Wings!! Each leaf has been detailed and when I saw this I just thought "Oh my god, I would die drawing all that!" Both of these are great entries.

Contest Entry - Lamia by nyaao-chan

I love how brash and flirty Lamia looks in this image!! And this was one of the first entries to get her costume right, which I greatly appreciated ;D

Lamia from Fallen manga Fan Art by OthoOthoOtho Lamia fan art by OthoOthoOtho

Casual Lamia! Battle Lamia! Which do you prefer? I personally like her casual attire pic the best of these two. I love her expression and how her finger is outstretched like "I want YOU!"

Fallen Contest entry by JosephBarringtonArt

One of my first sexy entries! The way the water and suds hit their bodies is so sensual, I love it! And Arma's "go away" expression she's making while Lamia is (I like to think) mocking her from behind is just great. Very sexy shower scene with really sexy torso art (I love torsos!)!

<da:thumb id="454756172"/>

Lamia would SO wear this!! I love her outfit and I love her pose and "come hither" expression. It's a sexy package, sure, but I think her face is gorgeous!

by MBWorks (account on

Another cool shot of the munchkin character as an adult. This one takes a more serene approach and she makes for a very beautiful woman! And I love the work on the patch of grass and the lace on her dress!

Fallen - Arma by VonBoche Fallen - Lamia by VonBoche

What a dynamic art style! Arma and Lamia both look great in these, but I think I like the Lamia one a bit more. The background with the sound balloon is great, and I love the angles for both. 

Globus papilioger by JadineR

Another long-time reader! NAAN has been a great supporter of FaLLEN and she always takes time to draw the coolest pics, and she's grown over the years SO MUCH as an artist. This image seems so experimental and really captures the taunting spirit of the munchkin. Arma in that sphere matched with the background adds a great surreal touch. 

FaLLEN :: Lamina by theLoneSky

A beautiful, semi-realistic bust of Lamia where she looks so serene and brilliant. The highlight effect in her hair is amazing!! 

by Az on

VOXY-POOH! Look how adorable he is! And I love how he's all smacking the wall like "Chop chop, ladies, get to work."

by RadioAH! on

Two awesome traditional pics of Arma, ready for battle! The first has her in the jungle and the second has her in a lake of blood looking calm and collected despite the chaos around her. In both images, you can really see that "shit's about to get real" XD

Fallen - Lamia + Arma by Yuki-Tsuki-Hana

Lamia in the front with Arma behind her, no doubt they are about to face a horde of mole monsters! It's cool to see Lamia looking so strong and badass, but you know what my favorite thing about this image is? The background is stunning! The texture on the leaves, the lighting... it's all so cool!

Arma solo. by Taiss14

This was another pic that a couple of judges liked. She's got a different uniform on but it's... actually, I'm going to use another quote from Hyatt: This one was just so evocative, I couldn't resist. Arma seems so serene and focused on the battle. It creates a balance between her masculinity and femininity, playing them both up equally. That sums it up nicely :D

by Menbung on

I love sexy pics of my characters, but I also love them infused with a little humor! The first image shows sexy Nurse Lamia with an IV filled with some lovin' and Vox is going ape, while Arma and the munchkin just can't handle the sexy XD This image was great, but the second one with Arma's spectacular ass and Vox passing out from a boner (I guess, haha) is amazing because look at that crowd! Drawing each individual person must have taken forever, and they all look like they are either friends of the artist or have their own backstory and personalities. And they all have their smartphones ready XD

FaLLEN CONTEST for  OgawaBurukku : Vox by clayton1313

An adorable picture of Vox looking like he got caught up in a whirlwind! He's just like "meh, whatevs, y'all" Love it XD

CE: Arma by Naivascha

Another popular entry! Geez, that background is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Arma over a mountain range with her weapon ready... man, this is so great. Love her expression and I love the sword, but the background is just so wow.

Smile for the Camera! by beluberry

AHHHH!!! I totally squealed when I saw this! The munchkin and Vox share a great shot together where Vox is having to endure a tsunami of ADORABLE. Love love love it!

Spiral Down by MugenGinga

Another big FaLLEN supporter, this image is SO COOL! The artist used a great gradient effect on the colors and the ying-yang effect is amazing. The entries with their transformation wings makes me think I need to do some color art featuring their leaf wings as well! Anyway, this is very cool indeed.

Arma: FaLLEN art contest entry by Tadpole7

A FaLLEN supporter and fellow comic artist! His style is so RAW, it reminds me of the underground comic scene from the '80s. Really strong brush strokes and wild styles and strong blacks. Very cool. Here Arma is straight up murdering a monster and the blood looks so splattery and drippy, it's so awesome!

Fallen art contest by jauneattend

What a cute image of Arma and the munchkin! The munchkin's dream of Arma becoming her friend has come true and the two are getting along more like siblings! Just make sure you don't give the sharp death tool to the small child to play with, Arma! Great happy scene!

Fallen Art Submission by Arkeden

Wah! This is pretty mind melting! What a cool concept piece showing two sides of Arma and playing with the lost memories theme. I like how Arma is faceless on the left and her world seems to be shattering around her on the right. I am so not talented enough to come up with imagery like this!! XD

Aaaaand this concludes the 2014 FaLLEN Art Contest!

There were entries from all over the world, and while I was a TERRIBLE hostess during this contest, the enthusiasm from entrants was amazing. I hope people take the time to admire these pieces and I hope those who participated will be back for Vol. 2!!

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Your comic is being advertised on Spoony's site. I happened upon it after clicking on a link to his site (he partnered up with Linkara, Critic, and Snob for a Blood Rayne review).
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I wondered if you'd see it ;D Yeah, I paid for some ad space in Canada, heh. Been playing around with buying ads lately.
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OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
Oh awesome! Thank you so much for letting me know :D Really glad you're enjoying it so far!
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Put it on mute if you want. I think doing a PV like this is neat, even with questionable parts xD;; (And previews!)
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
It was kind of spoilerific, wasn't it? I decided to turn it off when they started showing the other transformations, but parts of it were pretty. I wonder how much of that was original animation and how much was using clips from future eps (@_@)a

Speaking of, how did you like the new SMC episode? I actually borderline hated it. For as "pleasantly surprised-ish" as I was about the first episode, this episode did nothing for me. PLUS, I missed it yesterday because I was with my in-laws, and when I tried to watch it later on NicoNico it wasn't on there. You snooze you lose, basically. I had to watch it on Youtube... Anyway, wow, I DO NOT like Ami's new voice. Very bland... but I was a BIG fan of Aya Hisakawa's performance in the original, so... Oh, and Usagi is starting to annoy me for the first time ever. She's not really funny in this, just annoying. Mercury's transformation was pretty blah... those CG bubbles were just ugly. Also, all throughout the episode they drew her eyes really unbalanced! And I was sad to see that they don't have attack sequences anymore (and Mercury's pose after her transformation was stupid).

Really didn't like it :[
JadineR Featured By Owner 2 days ago
IT REALLY was. I was surprised for a minute before I realized they probably showed spoilers just to further entice people. I think a good deal of it was original animation, at least the first half @_@; I commented this to Derek, but that same first half felt as if it were imitating some sort of 90s anime style. Usagi at some point looked really classical 90s OVA and the designs for the girls looked different. Well, I should say better than the current ones but then again, they were 'downtrodden' as opposed to being active and such. Might have been just me.

It wasn't on NicoNico?? Weird! Do you want the Crunchyroll link? I believe they have it for later viewing, if you ever want to be a masochist again xD;; Yeah, no, the animation budget was lackluster. The episode was less than impressive. Like I even started to check my messages halfway through because it was just blegh. And YES Ami's eyes!! WTF was up with them, oh my god. Then her voice...I was expecting something similar to Aya Hisakawa's voice, but nope. After the episode aired is when I really got mad though: a couple of people on Tumblr were saying that this VA was MUCH better than Aya, giving Ami the right sense of personality as in the manga. I literally, kid you not, closed the window and turned off the computer because I just couldn't. I. Why would you think a generic, boring-sounding VA is better than Aya Hisakawa, who actually SOUNDS unique enough? (And recognizable!) Granted, the soft spokenness does fit Ami but in the /beginning/. Ugh. But I'm starting to lose all hope for how the rest of the girls sound.

The only thing I liked about the transformation was the fact that it was based off the old anime's. That's it. I agree, her pose was dumb, though I think it was because of the way. The Naoko stylized design doesn't make it look good >.>;; (Yet the background behind her was customized for her! Ahhh lovely <3) Ugh, I was so disappointed to see the lack of attack sequences! I was expecting and then NADA. Such a big let-down. ;3; Oh, and I was also disappointed to see that the goofy face I thought Usagi would make didn't appear. :\

It seems Rei's episode might be the one to make or break the impressions the series has been leaving us :<
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
My favorite Inner is Jupiter, so that's really all I'm holding out for. If I don't like this version of her, I'll probably stop watching... unless they do R.

Ami did sound very generic! But Ami isn't very softspoken in the manga... especially after she joins the group. But in the manga she doesn't have much of a personality... I much prefer the original anime Ami. The only changes I like in the new anime are: custom background, she has better hair (hated Ami's original anime hair until maybe the S or SS season), she wears her glasses more, and the sweater is kind of cute. Oh, and she has her bare-shoulder manga uniform again. Everything else about the episode was garbage.
cybervideo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
You're not alone. I just finished it, and see that Jadine linked you to the PV as well. As you predicted, the CGI transformations were on all of them. UGH! So bloody distracting. I wanted to cry.
The episode could have been better in some many ways. Firstly, more traditional animation and less cg. There were other things but I want spam your wall with it. I really hope the game's stepped up some when they deal with Rei.
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