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FaLLEN Guest Art

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Fan art, gift art, contest subs, and commissioned art I have received for my series FaLLEN and others! Check out the artists, they have some amazing artwork!


UPDATED: 11/28/2014

We have passed the 200% stretch goal, so the novel for FaLLEN is also getting published alongside the comic! HOLY COW!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

We are now into the final hour for the kickstarter, so this is the last chance for people to snag some of the merchandise available. 

And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone in the US!…

FaLLEN Volume 1 Graphic Novel Cover Art by OgawaBurukku

FaLLEN Vol. 1 will include:
- full color cover
- two full-color insert illustrations
- 162 pages of FaLLEN comic (chapters 1-7)
- bonus 10 pages of an all-new comic side story that will ONLY be available to those who buy the book! It will NOT go online, ever!
- fan art gallery with winners/runner-ups from the 2014 FaLLEN Art Contest (and that prize art is getting worked on in November!!)
- sketch gallery with behind-the-scenes look at the origins and facts about Arma, Lamia, and Vox
- an afterword by me, as well as a thank you page to pledgers if the Kickstarter gets fully funded!

That's 190 interior pages all together!

There are many EXCLUSIVE rewards to pledgers, including:

- all new postcard set
- two brand new wall posters, one exclusive to the Kickstarter
- desktop wallpapers (exclusive!)
- special thanks mention in book
- PDF copy of book
- physical copy of book (of course!)
- charms (including brand new Maris and Vesta charms, very limited number!)
- 2015 calendar exclusive to this kickstarter
- Skype sessions with me for in-depth discussions about FaLLEN, comic-making, living in Japan, and personal/private critiques for budding artists with their own projects
- Lamia dakimakura, aka love pillow, case, double sided! All knew item for kickstarter!
- cameo appearances of you, your character, or loved one in the next FaLLEN book!
- PDF copy of the first FaLLEN novel-- get a sneak peak at what's to come before the comic gets there!
- a year's worth of sketchbook sketches just for you in your own private book
- a very personal poster commission of a FaLLEN character with one other character doing whatever you like, sent to you as a B2 wall poster!
- bookmarks
- iPhone cases
- actual comic pages from FaLLEN vol 1!…

Help me make my dream come true, and you will get some lovely prizes! I am currently taking suggestions for stretch goals!!

*spazzes out and falls to ground*

FaLLEN Vol. 1 Kickstarter Information by OgawaBurukku

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The Japanese printed chapters books 1-5 are available on Inkblazers's marketplace at the link below!

There are other things available, too, so check it out!


Shop for FaLLEN and other products by Ogawa Burukku!

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This year started out so great, and then since April... ugh. Feel free to skip this in your inbox, I'm just boo-hooing here.

To add to the crap in my personal life, my adorable little albino Budgerigar died. Boo was only 3 years old, and it was the weirdest thing because last week I thought I should take her to the vet, but we still haven't found a vet  for the pets because we've only been in this condo for two months now. But then I convinced myself that her stool was a weird color not because she was sick but because I switched her food to a new brand that was a different color. Nope. She was sick, and it was hard for me to tell because she has been a very low-energy bird since she reached adulthood (she slept on the floor of her cage, she wouldn't leave her cage unless it was to be near me, and if she came to me she just wanted to sleep inside my hand or be petted, etc etc) so she has shown symptoms of lethargy and such for years. 

You hear about people waking up and finding their pets had died overnight, but in my case I woke up, greeted her, she greeted me, she did her "let me out" dance and followed me to the bathroom, and since she was kinda due for one we hopped in the shower together (yes, I showered with my bird! it's the only way I'd get her to bathe because she was afraid of the sink @_@). I sang a few songs but she didn't sing with me, which was unusual. Then I took her back to her cage and she napped on a branch after eating some food. I took my computer into the living room, checked on her a few hours later, and then right before I started to cook dinner I decided to pop in and see how she was doing... and she was dead. Just like that. Laying on the bottom of her cage as if she'd fallen off her perch. I was so shocked I just started screaming and crying.

She never bit me, and I had to hand feed her as a baby, so she was a little more cuddly than most budgies. The only problem I had with her was she would obsessively flock call--even in her sleep! And she ate her poo, and has since she was younger (which may have been a health issue???). And that's just icky. She was the pickiest little eater and would never eat veggies or anything, and most treats I gave her were ignored. I wonder if she died of stress from the move (two in one year, including a 2 hour plane ride) or if she died from an ongoing problem. I was kicking myself for not finding a way to get her to a vet, even though money is tight right now and I am still finding my way around this town. 

I don't think I'm going to get another budgie. I've had bad experiences with horror-birds in the past, and she was the only one I hand-fed from a young age and she was easily the sweetest tempered bird, and most of her sounds she made were her imitating me (she'd say "Hey, baby!" like 10 times a day). She drove me nuts with her flock calling, but I really adored her, and I wish I could have been a better owner. I don't think I'll ever find a better budgie, so she'll be the last one I ever own, I think.

If you are on Inkblazers, you're going to see my schedule is a little off thanks to this (and my husband's birthday, which was the next day... bye-bye, money!) in that this week I will probably only post 3 pages instead of 4. But my schedule has been off ever since I moved.... I just thought I would get things back on track this month. I still have artwork to draw and my Kickstarter to do.

My birthday is next month, and I was thinking about getting a lovebird to help fill the void. I'm not totally sold on the idea of getting another pet so soon, but she was the cheeriest part of my day sometimes and I loved snuggling up with Boo and my dog to watch movies after a hard day's work (my dog hates other dogs and strange people but is pretty chill around small animals and he LOVES cats). Lovebirds are even snugglier than budgies and like to crawl inside of pockets and such, which I would love because I could have my bird in my hoodie pouch while I worked or something. But has anyone ever owned a lovebird? I know they have high-pitched voices, but how irritating does it REALLY get? Are they screamers? Do their bites draw blood? Etc etc. As usual, I can find a ton of sources praising lovebirds as the best pet ever, but bird lovers aren't big on dissing their precious pets, heh. 

It's weird that I am thinking of getting another bird, since I actually prefer mammals to birds, and I did consider getting a squirrel or something, so I'm looking into that as well. I guess I became a bird fan a bit. As frustrating as they can be sometimes (so much more frustrating than most mammals I've owned in the past), I think Boo made me laugh more than any of my non-dog pets. She used to sing the "happy happy joy joy" song from Ren and Stimpy XD Ahhh, I'll miss her. 

:leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: 

The Japanese printed chapters books 1-5 are available on Inkblazers's marketplace at the link below!

There are other things available, too, so check it out!


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Ephemurai Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
tis an honor to receive a llama! I have purchased your book on kickstarter and am very much excited!
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Haha you're welcome! And YAY! Glad to hear it :D
PaulineMoss Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Many thanks for watching! :-)  :heart:
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Absolutely, your works are amazing! I'd love to be able to use some of your stock images in future artwork, if that's okay. 
cybervideo Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
If you haven't already, you'll probably see a flood of gifs, vines, links, and pictures referencing the new fad of Me!Me!Me! that's hit the internet viral stream. It's a completely original AMV with original animation and music, done in part by the people that gave us Evangelion. It's just as much a WTF as anything they've given us too. And of course, it's all about creative story that you have to piece together using the messed up and moderate NSFW visuals.
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
I saw it, yeah. Is it weird that I just kinda of went "Hmm, there's nothing really new out there, is there?"
cybervideo Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know. I thought it was partially innovative. It's the biggest fad right now so someone really thinks it's new and happening. I was more kind of disturbed by it all, but that's probably just me. Not really a fan of that kind of thing. Other than that, whether it's series or movies, everything's a reboot of the old.
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
I guess it was like you said and fit the Evangelion staff so well (and the Eva cast made cameos, haha) that it didn't surprise me. I sent you an email, by the way :p
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ViroVeteruscy Featured By Owner 6 days ago   General Artist
Thanks for the Llama, keep up the good work with Fallen ^w^
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Thanks, I will definitely give it my best!
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